Welcome to SeaSoc's New Website!


About Us!

The University of Glasgow Sea Society provides a platform for lovers of the ocean and aquatic environments, no matter their degree group, to discuss, learn and socialise! We are a non-for-profit, student-run organisation! 

Our new website will be a place to share all the goings-on of our society! Look out for blogs about reducing your plastic waste, details on upcoming events, our ongoing 'Species in the Spotlight' series - and our new related series, 'Habitat Highlight'. 

How did it all begin? ​

The University of Glasgow Sea Society was established in 2018. It was conceived to be a society with marine conservation as a focus. Initial society meetings brought together lovers of the ocean to have conversations about how best a University society could contribute towards the conservation of these ecosystems. As the society developed, focus was also developed on sustainability issues and also on the conservation of aquatic ecosystems in and around Glasgow.

As the society grows, we hope to engage increasing numbers of students of the University of Glasgow to take an active part in the preservation of aquatic ecosystems.


As well as sharing educational posts and stories on our Facebook and Instagram pages, a big part of our aims as a society are to create fun events throughout the year - in the past these have included beach/river cleans, talks from local organisations and charities, toothbrush drives, and a fun visit to Loch Lomond Aquarium!


Alongside general blogs about our favourite topics and events, we also have two series which are updated monthly;

  • "Habitat Highlight" - This is our new series! Each month we will pick a specific Scottish aquatic habitat and share interesting facts about its distribution, importance, threats, and more. We'll also share tips on ways these habitats can be helped! Our chosen habitat will be related to the Species in Spotlight for that month!

  • Our "Species in the Spotlight" series features a different Scottish marine species each month. We will share with you a little about its distribution, habitat, lifestyle, behaviour, or any other relevant information and links! The species chosen will relate to our Habitat in Highlight for that month!

And if all that weren't enough - we'll also be posting reviews of eco-friendly alternatives to single-use products!

Be sure to check out our social media pages for more!!!