August SEAview...

Hello! Here is the first of the Sea Society’s new monthly SEAview! Our committee members will be sharing marine recommendations of talks, books, movies, documentaries and many more each month! Please let us know if you have a go at our recommendations and tell us what you think!

Monthly recommendations: August

The first recommendation is Ocean poddy podcast! This podcast was recommended to me a few months ago and I have LOVED listening to them. Tropical Marine biologist Mads St Clair records relaxed chats with fellow marine biologists, conservationists and many more. The podcasts tone is very laid back but focus on important issues and are a very easy listen. I highly recommend “Wild about British waters” and “Getting deeper than the Ocean”. This podcast series can be found on Spotify and other podcast streaming services.

My second recommendation this month is a book that I have recently read “Poseidon's Steed” by marine biologist Helen Scales. This book looks at the history of seahorses from Myth to reality. The only way I can describe this book is it is like reading a David Attenbourgh documentary! Highly recommend.

{Written by Lois Mclean}