February Species in the Spotlight - Fabulous Flying Fish

This months species in the spotlight is the Flying fish, a species of pelagic fish! Flying fish cannot actually fly but can instead leap out of the water through self-propelled movements in their fins! This gives the elusion that they can fly, however they are able to glide across the water for small distances. Broadened neural arches allow them to do this as it creates a rigid and sturdy spine that is required for flight! This flying-like behaviour is seen to occur when the fish are escaping from predators - name a better way to get away?!

Flying fish are found in all waters, however more typically found in tropical and subtropical waters! Barbados is actually known as the area of flying fish!

Flying fish became an area of dispute in Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados in 2006. This is because the fish had gained popularity as a food source in Trinidad, which led the Trinidian Government to fix boundaries in flying fish stocks, thus raising tensions between the two countries. However, this led to both countries agreeing preserve the fish stocks for sustainable use.