January Species of the Month - Sea Mouse

Our species of the month for January is the SEA MOUSE, Aphrodita aculeata.

No, not an aquatic version of the rodents often found in student flats, they are actually segmented worms (Annelids)!

Not much is known about the biology of these strange looking creatures. Reaching lengths of up to 20cm, their flat, oval shaped bodies are covered in fur-like bristles or chaetae, which are iridescent blue, yellow and green on the sides!!! Sea mice are found all around UK waters in a wide range of depths, in muddy or sandy substrates where they spend much of their time burrowing. They are a predatory species, feeding on other worms and even small crabs!

Aphrodita aculeata gets its’ name from the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and we think you’ll agree that these worms are very loveable!

Sea you next month,