November SEAview

My recommendation for November is the website Discovery of Sound in the Sea ( It is a project by University of Rhode Island and Inspire Environmental, as well as numerous other contributors.

On this website you’ll find a wealth of information about the physics of sound in the ocean, from basics to more advanced topics. You can read about how we use and interact with sound, for example in the fishing industry, scientific research, or even military activities. There is of course a lot of material about the importance of sound to animals, how they use it to communicate, how they perceive it and how they can be affected by anthropogenic noise.

However, my favourite part of Discovery of Sound in the Sea by far, is their audio gallery. There you can find audio recordings of countless animals (marine mammals, fish and even invertebrates), anthropogenic sounds like icebreakers, motor engines, torpedoes, and submarines. Have you ever wondered what a lightning strike might sound like underwater? Well, wonder no more because they have that too.

A good way to start exploring their incredible audio gallery would be to find the “star wars” sound… (hint: it’s made by one of our recent species of the month).

This short summary doesn’t include all that there is to find on DoSitS, it is really a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the ocean!

{Written by Zosia Krynicka)