SeaSoc Single-Use Swaps, Volume One - Razors.

Hello everyone! Lauren here, and I’ll be kicking off a new initiative – Seasoc Single-use Swaps, where we switch everyday single use items to more sustainable, reusable alternatives – and give our 100% honest review! We’ll try to keep these fun and realistic, and hopefully we’ll inspire you to make some switches in your own home!

In this sunny weather we’ve been having, and after digging out my shorts from the back of my wardrobe, I decided it was finally time to get rid of the neglected lockdown leg fuzz!

If, like me, the thought of a slow, ineffective shave using a cheap disposable razor fills you with dread, leaves your legs spiky and itchy, and your conscience heavy (after throwing another single use plastic item in the bin) – then this article is for you!

Costing just a few pounds for a multipack, disposable razors are used a couple of times each then thrown away. Due to health and safety reasons as well as recycling plant limitations, standard razors can't be recycled, and as such, billions of razors go to landfill every year, contributing to the ever-growing plastic tide.

But it's not all doom and gloom, and nowadays there’s lots of alternatives to razors. These range from those big-name brands available in most health and beauty stores – with expensive refill blades and wrapped in packaging; intimidating looking metal safety razors; 100% plastic free, eco-friendly bamboo-handled alternatives; to electric shavers.

Choosing the kind which suits you best can feel overwhelming, but after some searching around and deciding which factors were most important to me (100% recyclable materials, a really effective irritation free shave, and ease of buying – whilst on a student budget!)

I decided on a subscription to ‘Friction Free Shaving’, but there are loads of other brands available which I'll detail later!

Here's how it works -

1. Visit their website (

2. Choose your style from four pretty colours

3. Choose how often you require new blades, based on shaving frequency

4. Pick any optional products

5. Check out!

For £9 a month, you'll be sent the reusable handle and 4 blade heads, then every one or two months thereafter (depending on your preference) you'll be sent 4 new blade heads.

Some additional specs if you aren’t convinced yet!

· 6 blades, aloe vera lubrication strip, and a flexible head for a smooth shave

· Recyclable packaging and a blade recycling scheme

· Cruelty free, no animal testing

· Flexible plan – the subscription can be cancelled, paused or altered at any time (this was appealing to me as I knew I’d require less blades in the winter months and more in summer!)

· Free delivery

Best of all – once used, the blades can be sent back to the company in their original packaging to be recycled – the return address is even on the box! I absolutely love this idea - recycling made easy!

Straight away I was impressed with how easy the buying process was, and I loved the plan flexibility.

So a few days later I received my parcel – here’s my initial thoughts. The packaging was neat and minimal – sturdy enough but not excessively wrapped like most online deliveries, and there wasn’t a trace of plastic or tape! The handle felt good quality and I love the colour, but it was heavier than expected. The blade heads are easy to change and come in a handy tray.

Now time for the real test – getting rid of that out-of-control leg fuzz which had been abandoned during lockdown! This was something I had researched in the product reviews – I needed a razor which would easily tackle thick leg hairs, and that wouldn’t give me the dreaded razor rash like most disposable ones do.

My verdict – I was pleasantly surprised at how good this shave was! There was no dragging or nicks, and in each swipe most hairs were removed. I felt super smooth and walked around the rest of the evening like this -

To summarise…

Pros –

- Zero waste, plastic free packaging, recyclable box and blades

- A very effective shave

- Subscription service – flexible, delivered to your door (ideal if, like me, you hate shopping)

- A super easy way to save loads of single use razors going to landfill each year

- Low cost

Cons –

- I’m struggling to think of any!

So in conclusion, if you’re looking for an easy way to cut back on your plastic waste and a more effective alternative to standard shop-bought razors, then a reusable razor such as this one may be a great option for you!

Of course this is just one brand and there are plenty more options out there, so spend some time and find which suits you best.

Here are some other brands I came across;

Harry's - similar subscription service, available here

A Waste Free World - unisex, face and body, available here

Bambaw - bamboo safety razor, available here

Gillette -

Happy shopping!

If you enjoyed this blog and have any other suggestions for reviews you’d like to read, let us know!

Stay safe, ocean lovers!

Lauren x