Step into wrapping

How is it even December already? Michael Buble has defrosted, that Elf is sitting on the shelf making sure we all behave and get our coursework done, your relatives are (not-so) subtly asking you what you want for Christmas, and the joys of Christmas shopping with limited shop capacity and queuing in the cold! SUCH FUN!

So you’ve stood in the queue, in the cold for hours, your nose however is not as red because your facemask gives some sort of shielding from not only COVID but also the cold (!), you’ve followed the maze of one way systems (yet others seemed to not have followed the same protocol - angry reacts only), you’ve gotten home and just made yourself a hot chocolate with a mountain of presents staring directly at you, ready to be wrapped up (much like how you would rather be wrapped up in bed with a Christmas film and a cosy blanket). All you can think to yourself is…


In the UK we use around 223,000 miles of wrapping paper EVERY YEAR! Who can blame us?! The reds, golds, greens, and glitter reindeer, all neatly wrapped! The aesthetically value seeing presents loving placed under a tree really is indescribable! I am going to lovingly gift you all with a fact (aren’t you lucky)...

Around 108million rolls (that’s 83km long) are discarded at Christmas…

I know... It’s A LOT… But up to 70% of the waste we discard can be recycled or reused! In addition to this, glitter is made of microplastics which are a major threat to the ocean when washed down a drain.

I’m going to gift you some advice on how to have a jolly, eco-friendly time when wrapping Christmas presents!

  1. When wrapping presents avoid using wrapping paper with glitter as this cannot be recycled after use

  2. Use old newspaper as wrapping paper - looks vintage and if you can get your hands on some holly or nice string to tie it all together it will add a lovely, classy finishing touch

  3. Use eco-friendly gift wrap - WHSmith also has a range of eco-friendly wrapping

  4. Learn how to do furoshiki - a Japanese art to wrapping using fabrics

  5. Instead of using tape, use string or paper tape that can be recycled!

Etsy is a website which supports small businesses, has many eco-friendly options for wrapping and gift ideas too! Plus, carbon emissions are offset too!!

The Scrunch Test

To find out whether wrapping paper is recyclable, after you’ve opened your present with such excitement, scrunch it… if it unscrunches then the paper is not recyclable and has to be binned, if it stays scrunched up then into the BLUE BIN it goes!!

Follow these links on how to have an eco-friendly Christmas! Including an Etsy link for eco-friendly Christmas wrapping!

Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

Rustic Christmas Wrapping Kit Pine Cones Dried Oranges | Etsy

The Scrunch Test

Merry Christmas!!

Stay tuned for part 2